Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Carling Cup Final

How many more experiences will Cardiff get of this?
On a day I will never forget, with an atmosphere that topped all others, Cardiff City went soo close to a major piece of giant killing.

Most Liverpool fans thought the final would simply be a case of turning up, putting three or four goals past an off form Cardiff side and lifting the trophy. Ok, so they did technically win the game but the boys in blue gave them one hell of a ride!

Normally a big occassion with Cardiff City leads to a "bottlers" tag or Neil Lennon giving a team talk saying "don't do a Cardiff". After that performance at Wembley a lot of managers will be doing the opposite! "Be Cardiff! Be like Ben Turner!". For many a City fan, it was a case of pride on just reaching the final.

I'm not going to talk about what happened in the game as many, if not all of you, reading this actually watched it. With the biggest TV audience since the 2010 World Cup Final, the nation was interested. Some of the biggest names in football even admitted they were interested in what could happen. Jose Mourinho stating that he loved the fact there was a chance of real giant killing and admitted he was supporting Cardiff on the day. Future manager possibly? Only if Malky leaves us for bigger things!

Colour divided.
The game was full of heroic performances.


Not many would think that Joe 'Messi' Mason is only 20 years old. His 90 minutes against Liverpool were one of his best, and he's had some pretty cracking 90 minutes of football so far for the bluebirds. He's developed into one of my favourite players and shows there could be a lot more to come! Robbie Keane came out recently, not to sign for a new 'boyhood club' but instead gave his backing to Joe, insisting that if he keeps performing like that, a call up to the Republic of Ireland squad beckons.


The whole defence, minus Anthony Gerrard, were outstanding! Hudson returned from injury to play a key role in blocking through balls to Suarez. McNaughton made one world class slide tackle, reminding me of himself one season ago. Taylor kept Henderson out of the game in the first half and Bellamy when he came on in the second. Tom Heaton made some great saves too! His penalty save in the shootout from Gerrard was probably one of the best I've ever seen, not being biased in any way there!

I feel like I'm forgetting someone here..someone raher important..someone you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley..someone who could easily get a role playing 'the giant' in Jack and the Beanstalk plays..someone who the NBA had to turn down because he would be able to simply place the basketball in the net...someone who..ok this is tiring thinking of stuff now. It's Ben Turner ok! Ben Turner. Possibly the greatest machine ever created. The sources of his creation aren't quite known yet as nobody is claiming this rogue beast as their own. Some say he was built by the American designers at Ford as a hybrid for a new 4x4 that could also be used as a giant wrecking ball. Others say he was built by NASA as an experiment to see if they could create a force greater than that of the Sun, Jesus and Jeremy Kyle. Whoever created him, succeeded. His 118th minute equaliser almost put me in cardiac arrest, and that was after travelling two rows down on someones back celebrating, only to go four rows up in continuous hugging/jumping/arm swinging. After a quick hands on knees recovery I just about summoned the energy to two finger gesture the Liverpool fans directly above us in the 'Wembley club' seats a.k.a the 'First Liverpool game I've ever attended' seats. Anyway, back on subject. Not only was he invincible at the back, but he carried a real influence about him. I fear our playoff chances have been hampered a blow when Hudson was out injured, leaving Turner to be partnered by the hot and cold Gerrard. The partnership was awesome, the goal was awesome, the man is just..awesome.

This blog is behind schedule by about two months and yet the memory of the game is still fresh in my mind. This was a great day to be a Bluebird.

Nervous times at Wembley.